Forensic Services (Graduate Certificate)

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For more responsive, sustainable solutions and improved quality of life for clients.

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Forensic services is the analysis of the intersection of social, health, and legal systems with the goal of providing appropriate interventions and services to criminal offenders in a variety of settings.

This graduate program does not take as its focus the specifics of criminal evidence and criminal investigation. Rather, it examines the ways in which public health and legal standards, specifically mental health issues and criminality, intertwine.

If you have not yet earned a graduate degree or licensure, this program will help you become more effective in your work. It also prepares you for the next step – a graduate degree leading to licensure in several career specialties.

The Program

The coursework provides an examination of complex social issues such as the origins of mental illness, substance abuse, dual diagnosis, and crime, the impact of relevant laws and social policies, and the operation of health and law-related services for criminal offenders.

By exploring policy, advocacy and the provision of services for vulnerable populations, you will learn about violence and criminality, including their impact upon offenders and their families, victims and their families, and their communities. The focus is also upon responses to crime by the police, courts, and correctional programs. This includes clinical assessment and treatment provided by probation, parole, public systems, and private agencies.

You will develop research skills, cultivate innovative programming, and be able to formulate policy, as well as provide services and advocacy on behalf of correctional, mental health, and substance abusing clients.

Completion Option

Prospective jobs for graduates of the Forensic Services Certificate program include areas such as: research, social services, human services, community mental health, victim advocates, and the court system.

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