Global Post-Disaster Studies, Graduate Certificate (online)


  • Please note: The Graduate Certificate in Global Post-Disaster Studies program is not currently admitting new students. Courses that were formerly offered in the certificate program may still be available for registration. Please visit our credit page to review the most current offerings.
Program Information

Planning, Development and Reconstruction with Vulnerable Populations

Introducing a forward-thinking approach to disaster planning and recovery: envisioning opportunity and imagining a sustainable reconstruction which incorporates those most often forgotten "after the cameras have gone."

Explore effective, long-term solutions for:

The increase in disasters around the world demands global access to informed, skilled managers of sustainable recovery.

Concerned world citizens will find this graduate-level, online certificate to be the key that allows them to specialize in reconstruction, from policy and planning to operations on the ground. There would also be great value to people with these skills engaging to create a sustainable community/national disaster framework as regards preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery. Unique among advanced post-disaster education programs, this certificate emphasizes the needs of vulnerable populations, including children, women, the elderly, people with disabilities, and the poor.

Visionary. Sustainable. Comprehensive.

Presenting the complexities of disaster mitigation and recovery with a multi-disciplinary approach, faculty who have conducted intensive research and published widely on topics relevant to post-disaster reconstruction will present in their areas of expertise. Instructors from other institutions will also contribute to the program.

Career Opportunities

The carefully constructed curriculum facilitates greater job opportunities for those in the field, complements a master’s degree or PhD already earned, and prepares students planning to commence the longer commitment of an advanced degree.

Personnel trained to develop and implement appropriate reconstruction and recovery policies and action plans are needed in many organizations including:

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