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Information Technology (IT) career prospects continue to point to an increasing demand for qualified people in this field. Many of our potential students are professionals and people in the workforce who are seeking ways to better adapt to a changing work environment where IT is now prevalent; others are students who recognize the added value that IT brings to their professional interests and fields of expertise. The certificate has been designed with these people in mind. Therefore, this program is designed to respond to the following factors:

  1. The recognition that information technology career paths are numerous and that our existing programs seldom address the re-training needs of individuals.
  2. The opportunity that some students pursue to obtain a comprehensive appreciation of the IT field in order to complement their studies.
  3. The opportunity to bring collaborating efforts to fruition among the University’s academic units. The certificate combines courses from both Management Science and Information Systems and Computer Science Departments.

The Certificate in Information Technology (CIT) is an introductory program into the information systems discipline. It covers fundamental concepts and operation into the technology and operation of modern information systems. It focuses on techniques, tools and methods used today in the development and use of computer-based applications. The program will be offered to non-College of Management or non-Degree seeking students.

Upon program completion students will earn a Certificate from the College of Management.

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