Official Requirements for Japanese Minor from Modern Languages

The Japanese minor consists of seven courses: three required core courses, two upper level language courses, and two electives.

N.B. If the student places out of JAPAN 201, the required number of courses will be six. If the student places out of both JAPAN 201 and 202, the required number of courses will be six (in this case the student must take an additional course at 200-level or above from the departmental course listings—see below).

Required Core Courses:

JAPAN 201 and 202 (Intermediate Japanese I and II), and

One other 200-level course on Japanese culture from the Department’s offering

Students who place above JAPAN 201: as stated above, the total number of required courses will be six.

Student who place above JAPAN 202: students in this category must take an additional elective course at the 200- or 300-level chosen from the approved list of departmental and non-departmental courses (see below).

2 courses beyond Japan 201-202 must be taken within the department.

Upper Level:

JAPAN 301 (Advanced Japanese)
JAPAN 302 (Readings in Japanese)


Two courses in English from a list approved by the department (consisting of departmental and non-departmental courses at the 200-level or higher). No more than one can be a non-departmental course or transfer course from another institution.

Only one course in the Japanese Minor can be double-counted toward any other Major. Courses taken P/F cannot be counted toward the Minor

Departmental Courses that Count Toward the Minor:

JAPAN 201 Intermediate Japanese I
JAPAN 202 Intermediate Japanese II
JAPAN 250 Modern Japanese Literature
JAPAN 252 Premodern Japanese Culture
JAPAN 260 Japanese Theater (listed as Japanese Theatre)
JAPAN 270 Japanese Popular Culture (listed as Introduction to Japanese Culture)
JAPAN 276 Postwar Japanese Cinema
JAPAN 301 Advanced Japanese I
JAPAN 302 Advanced Japanese II
JAPAN 378/379 Independent Study
JAPAN 478/479 Reading and Research

Non-Departmental Courses that Count Toward the Minor:

ART 256 Arts of Japan
ART 356 Japanese Architecture
ASAMST 350 Asian American Literary Voices
ASAMST 370 Asian American Media Literacy
ASIAN 480 Topics in East Asian Studies (also offered as MDNLNG 390)
HIST L363 Modern Japan
RELSTY L232 Asian Religions: Buddhism and Taoism 

RELSTY L358 Psychology, Politics, and Philosophy in East Asia 

PHIL 297 Asian Philosophy
SOCIO 220 Survey of East Asian Societies
SOCIO 221 Sociology of Japan

"Ganbatte! Ganbatte!"

"Ganbatte! Ganbatte!" (a Japanese cheer that translates roughly to good luck) echoed through Clark Athletic Center recently as students from the Japanese program participated in an annual "Undookai" (Field Day) event. Undookai is an annual event in schools in Japan. It's the one way that Japanese school children learn the value of teamwork. UMass students got to experience first hand the power of teamwork as they competed in teams against each other in a series of games like tug-of-war, relay races, three legged races, and a scavenger hunt. Students reported having a great time meeting fellow Japanese language students, experiencing a Japanese tradition and getting to know each other better through teamwork.