Clean Energy & Sustainability (Graduate Certificate)

The Clean Energy and Sustainability (CES) Program now offers workforce training in clean energy and sustainability at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

The CES graduate certificate comprises four courses, including an internship/practicum component.

Clean energy is one of the fastest growing sectors globally, according to Clean Edge, and Massachusetts is in the forefront of this trend. Markets and career opportunities are also growing rapidly in energy efficiency, smart grid, carbon trading, and related financial and professional services. In business, managers in every sector and every function, from operations and marketing to accounting and finance need to become knowledgeable about sustainability management and reporting. Similarly, this topic is increasingly important for people working in government, education, and nonprofit organizations.

With this growth comes new expectations for workforce education and training, and UMass Boston is paving the way. A joint venture of UMass Boston's College of Management (CM) and the School for the Environment (SFE), these programs also feature collaborative engagement with area businesses, nonprofit and social enterprise organizations, and other groups committed to building a more sustainable world.

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For questions on the academic side and potential career opportunities you can contact Vesela Veleva, Core Faculty, Center for Sustainable Enterprise and Regional Competitiveness, at


Required Courses:
MGT698/669/ENVSCI 698: Internship/Practicum  (OR: Independent Study, if no suitable internship available)

Available courses (select any three of the following):
MBAMGT 671L Introduction to Environmental Management 

MBAMGT673 Clean Energy Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

ENVSCI670L Environmental and Energy Economics
(Or - ENVSCI675L Economics of Renewables: Marine & Energy Resource or ECON697 Special Topics: Applied Economics Practicum: Optimizing the UMass Boston Decarbonization Plan)

ENVSCI 674L/MGT 674 Climate and Energy: Law, Policy, and Management
(or ENVSCI718L Environmental Law & Policy: Federal Agencies, Courts, and Congress)
MBAMGT688L: Global Warming and International Business Management - Business and Climate