Environmental Studies (Program)

The Environmental Studies Program at the University of Massachusetts Boston is an umbrella program with the mission of collaborating with individual departments across the university to offer departmental or theme based “environmental” minors and certificates. The Environmental Studies Program offers departments two courses, ENVSTY101 and ENVSTY401, which the departments can use as part of a 5 or more course minor.  Both ENVSTY 101 and 401 cover all aspects of environmental science (e.g. humanities, social science, and natural science) and incorporates civic engagement and responsibility into the curriculum. The Environmental Studies Program also offers internship (EVNSTY 301) and independent study (ENVSTY 478) course options. Individual departments choose the remaining courses to fulfill an environmental theme. 

Current minors include environmental anthropology, environmental biology, environmental chemistry, and clean energy and sustainability. Current certificates include environmental biology and clean energy and sustainability. See individual department web pages for information on each of these programs.

For more information about program in general, please contact the ESP director, Alan D. Christian.

Director, Alan D. Christian
Associate Professor of Biology
Wheatley Hall, 3rd Floor, Room 010
Email: alan.christian@umb.edu
Phone: 617.287.6639

Biology Office
Phone: 617.287.6600
Wheatley Hall, 3rd Floor, Room 021

Mailing Address:
Alan D. Christian
Biology Department
University of Massachusetts Boston
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Boston, MA 02125