Test Scanning


  • All exams MUST use pink answer sheet ( #221666)

Scanning services are provided through the collaboration of Information Technology and Healey Library.

Test results will be sent within two to four business days.


Test scanning services are provided free of charge to any instructor at UMass Boston who elects to administer a test for an official class.


Faculty must use the following answer form:

Faculty Evaluations

We also scan faculty evaluations submitted by departments using the green answer sheets as the cover for each professor (name and ID# fields must be filled in. Any number can be used in the ID field. E.g., for class number 101 section 1, put 10101) and the blue answer sheets for students' answers.

Departments must use the following forms:

Answer sheets should be available through the instructor's departmental office.

Who and Where

The actual scanning of test results is provided by IT staff in the Healey Library, Room 04-30 on the fourth floor. Programming the equipment for the service is done by the IT programming staff.


Office hours for dropping off tests for scanning are from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

Those who need to drop off tests after 4 p.m. or on weekends should do so at Public Safety (UL, Plaza Level, next to Quinn). We have a dropbox located on the wall opposite the entrance door. Please place the scans, answer sheet, and cover sheet (see section below on cover sheets) in a large envelope and leave this in the dropbox. You must also email us at Opscan@umb.edu to let us know that material has been left in the overnight box to assure that the scans are run within the advertised turnaround time of two to four business days. If we do not receive an email, we will not know that the scans were dropped off.

Tests must be picked up within two weeks. If you will be sending someone other than yourself to retrieve them, please indicate so on the cover sheet. If you would like them sent back via interoffice mail, please indicate so on the cover sheet and provide an office location.

Questions about this procedure may be directed to Opscan@umb.edu.

Cover Sheets are Required

All scanning jobs should have a cover sheet appropriate for the answer sheets used. The sheet provides the faculty member's name, course number, date, contact person if other than the faculty member, and contact information. Cover sheets may be copied from the files linked below. They will also be available in the processing office where you leave your exams to be scanned (shelf to the immediate left of the main office door).


(RTF) Cover forms for those submitting the General Purpose Sheet - form number 221666 (pink answer sheets)

Faculty Evaluations

(RTF) Cover forms for Faculty/Course Evaluations

Please use Scantron form number 4521 (blue answer sheets) for student responses.

Please use Scantron form number 6703 (green answer sheets) to provide identifying information.

Contact and Further Information

All questions regarding the service may be directed to the scanning office at Opscan@umb.edu. The staff will be referring all programming questions to the appropriate staff in the offices of campus IT.

Healey Library

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  • Test Scanning

    Drop-off & Pick-up
    Monday–Friday: 8 a.m.–4 p.m.
  • Test scanning is completed by IT Staff. The library office is for DROP OFF and PICK UP only.
  • Please use the contact info below for consultation.
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